What Clients are Saying About Pacific Stainless NZ

Pacific Stainless have a well deserved reputation for providing expert advice and quality workmanship, all at a good price and within expected timeframes.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about Pacific Stainless New Zealand.

Hello Gerry,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the work you have done for us. I called in to the shop last night and it looks great. Thanks again for doing this on such short notice, and for your professionalism. My fellow workmates here at Alloy are also very impressed, and we will look forward to working with you again.
We are opening tomorrow, and will be having an opening party next week, which we would love for you and your team to come to.

Kind regards and thanks again,
Donna Maree
Interior Designer
Alloy Yachts International

Dear Pacific Steel,

Can you please your guys that they had done a fantastic job.

Troy Carppe | Project Manager | Fairway Homes (NZ) Ltd

Hi Roly,

Received Quick flush tank on the ship.  Thanks for everything and I am very pleased with job you guys have done.  Hope we can send some more work your way in the future.  Have a good day.

Arty Keeping.

Hi Roly,

Thank you so much for fabricating this top sooooooooo quickly.  You may know that we had missed ordering it and the kitchen was being installed today.
Thanks again to everyone for the huge effort made.

Kind Regards
Maree A. Carr
Senior Designer @
The Kitchen Centre (Akl) Ltd

Hi Roly,

Thrilled at finding the perfect bench top! Thanks for your time this afternoon. It was so great to have costing immediately, it certainly made all the difference to a quick decision. We are looking at the brushed stainless.

Kirsty Craig

For a quote, you can contact Pacific Stainless direct, or through your cabinetmaker, builder, or architect.